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Martin thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our wedding photos
Helen and Glynn

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Photo ID: 646
Quality: Small
Dimensions: 400x268(px)
Megapixels: 0.11
Print Size:
@72DPI = 5.56in x 3.72in
@150DPI = 2.67in x 1.79in
@300DPI = 1.33in x 0.89in
Price: $2.2 (including 10% - GST)
Quality: Medium
Dimensions: 600x402(px)
Megapixels: 0.24
Print Size:
@72DPI = 8.33in x 5.58in
@150DPI = 4in x 2.68in
@300DPI = 2in x 1.34in
Price: $4.4 (including 10% - GST)
Quality: Large
Dimensions: 800x536(px)
Megapixels: 0.43
Print Size:
@72DPI = 11.11in x 7.44in
@150DPI = 5.33in x 3.57in
@300DPI = 2.67in x 1.79in
Price: $5.5 (including 10% - GST)
Quality: JPG File
Dimensions: 1840(px) x 1232(px)
Megapixels: 2.27
Print Size:
@72DPI = 25.56in x 17.11in
@150DPI = 12.27in x 8.21in
@300DPI = 6.13in x 4.11in
File Size: 2.4(mb)
Price: $11 (including 10% - GST)